Words in italics are not spoken aloud. Words in brackets are words used during the fight.

(Page 1)

I won’t allow you to ask.

(Page 2)

Youji: Here...
Youji: He’s definitely here...
Natsuo: I know.

(Page 3)
(Seimei sitting in the library, reading a book.)

(Page 4)
Seimei: Good evening.
Youji: Seimei?
Seimei: That’s right. Ritsuka’s big brother. And you two are Zero.

(Page 5)
Seimei: Youji and Natsuo.
Youji: You called us, right?
Youji: Cold and heavy...
Youji: How does this guy make things feel that way?
Seimei: How’s Soubi doing? Still attached to Ritsuka?
Youji: Unfortunately, they’re still joined at the hip.
Youji: For now looks like you won’t be able to get him back.

(Page 6)
Seimei: But he belongs to me.
Seimei: My name is written on him.
Youji: For now!!
Natsuo: Well, then why did you throw him away?
Youji: You put the name there, didn’t you?
Seimei: ‘Why?’

(Page 7)

Seimei: Asking ‘why’ might shorten your life.
Seimei: You still have stuff you want to do, right?
Youji: This...
Natsuo: This guy...
Zeros: is not Ritsuka’s brother!
Zeros: He smells like coldness.
Seimei: I love this book.
Seimei: Even this library had it.
Zeros: He’s too different.
Zeros: He’s too dark.

(Page 8)
Zeros: Just because of his presence here…
Seimei: This is... the story of one girl’s complete destruction.
Seimei: She wasn’t saved.
Zeros: Everything has become pitch black.
Zeros: Like I’m going to fall on my knees.
Zeros: Like I’m going to black out.

Seimei: The story of a girl who was locked into a cellar and tortured until she died.
Seimei: A terrible story... sadistic...
Seimei: At the end, the dying girl stood up and asked ‘why?’

(Page 9)
Seimei: The person responsible for her own torture, who chopped her up, who she was never a match for.
Seimei: Asking them ‘Why are you doing this?’
Seimei: Even though she could see her fated death. Her life being trampled for no reason underfoot.
Seimei: A person who was overwhelmed by violence and madness who can preserve their sanity till the end.
Seimei: I’m moved by that beauty. And I definitely won’t forgive it.

(Page 10)
Seimei: I also hate being asked questions.
Zeros: I don’t feel like we can win...
Natsuo: Very soon... The security guards will come.
Natsuo: You’re being hunted down.
Zeros: Even though my body is cold, when I take a breath my chest burns.

(Page 11)
Seimei: You’re looking pale; are you in pain?
Seimei: If you don’t feel well, maybe you should leave?
Youji: ke
Zeros: This is pressure. The pressure is pushing me.
Seimei: If you stay here you might see things you don’t want to see. You’re Soubi’s friends, right?
Zeros: Even though these words aren’t reaching him, his words are cutting into me.

(Page 12)
Zeros: Even though I know he’s just speaking ordinary words.
Zeros: I can’t take it. My eardrums feel like they’re going to burst
Zeros: I feel like crap.

Natsuo: We’re not alone.
Natsuo: There are two of us.

(Page 13)
Youji: Natsuo…
Natsuo: No matter what kind of pressure from fear you put on us, because there are two of us we’ll be fine.
Natsuo: I will never let go of the hand I’m connected to.
Zeros: [Seimei]
(Page 14) Seimei: Don’t say it.
Zeros: [Aoyagi Seimei]
Zeros: [We control that name.]
Seimei: Stop... sto...
Zeros: [We control it.]
Zeros: [We will capture...]
Zeros: [Aoyagi Seimei.]
Seimei: Stop!

(Page 15) Seimei: Don’t touch me...
Seimei: With your dirty hands.
Zeros: [We will control you with the power of the Zeros.]
Zeros: [Get on your knees!!]
Natsuo: [Collapse!!]
Natsuo: [Kneel!!]

(Page 16)
Ritsuka: Seimei
Natsuo: Ri...
Natsuo: Ritsuka...!!